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Best Portable Camping Showers

Imagine you’ve just got back to your campsite after hiking through rough terrain on a hot day. You’re sweaty, smelly and the one thing you want is a refreshing shower like you’d been able to have at home. The only problem is you’re living in a tent, and there are no amenities nearby. Not an ideal situation for a shower is it? Having the best portable shower at your disposal can make it much more bearable.

One of these devices can keep you clean and can also be used to wash dishes or wash your hands after performing grimy tasks.

If you’re seeking some extra comfort for your trip but you’re unsure what portable shower would meet your needs best, continue reading to find out. We have selected a few of the best portable showers based on ratings and reviews. They range from inexpensive, basic models to higher priced devices that can enhance your outdoors experience.

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Types of Portable Showers

When you are looking to purchase a portable camp shower, you will choose between two main types of devices. The first type of showers will come with their own water storage tank or container. All you need to do is fill the tank or container with water.

The other set of devices come with the shower head and pump only. You will need to bring your own water container. Most people just use a bucket, but if you’re in a survivalist situation, you may want to be able to get yourself up and running with a consolidated unit.

Neither option is necessarily any better than the other concerning performance. It’s a matter of what suits your personal needs best. For most people, this won’t be the deciding factor when choosing a portable shower.

Top 5 Portable Camp Showers

There is no shortage of portable showers available. Which makes choosing one for yourself difficult. To help, we have compiled a list of the best portable showers in terms of value, durability, and design.

Ivation Battery Powered Handheld Shower


A nice, warm shower on your camping trip is possible with this handy device. Customer’s love this easy to use, battery powered handheld shower.

One of the most appealing features of the Ivation Handheld Shower is the ability to charge it with a USB connection. You can just hook it up to a car adapter or your laptop. Users of the product report the battery lasting up to 45 minutes or more before needing another charge.

Some campers may prefer something with higher water pressure. But if you’re not too fussy and want a reliable unit that offers great value – the Ivation Handheld shower is a good choice.

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Zodi Outback Gear Battery Powered Shower


Another affordable option for campers who want a simple to use showering solution. To use it, you will need to connect the pump to your own water source (usually a bucket of water). With high-quality 4D batteries, you should be able to get plenty of showers before you need to replace them. This makes it a great option for camping trips longer than a week.

One drawback of many other portable camp showers is the low water pressure. But users of the Zodi Outback Gear Battery Powered Shower commonly mention the high water pressure as one of the best features of this shower.

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Zodi Extreme SC Hot Shower


Looking for something to make your camping trip a lot more comfortable? Zodi has a solution – perfect for hot showers and it can also be used for cooking.

Operating the Zodi Extreme SC Hot Shower isn’t too difficult. The device comes with its own water tank so you won’t need to bring your own bucket. You will need to fill the tank with water and heat the water over the tripod stove which comes with the device. Within just 5 minutes, you can have warm water for your shower or cooking needs.

This is a great device that will meet all your needs. Highly recommended if you go camping more than once a year and don’t like cold showers.

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Pure Clean Portable Shower


For a mid-priced portable, Pure Clean’s unit has a lot going for it. It’s easy to use, powerful, has a long battery life and can be charged with a USB cable. The shower head comes with a hose, USB charging cable, rechargeable battery, suction cap and hook attachment. You will need to provide your own water source.

Many users mention this device is perfect for washing their dog. So even when you’re not out camping, you can still benefit from having one of these. While other devices could also be used at home for washing the dogs, users particularly like this one because it’s very water efficient.

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Coughlan Solar Camp Shower


This is a solid option for anyone wanting a very basic, low-cost device. It comes with a bag which can hold up to 500 gallons of water. All you need to do is fill it up.

Like all the other portable showers, it can be used for washing dishes, washing hands and showering. The big difference is this unit is only a fraction of the price.

At such a low price, you don’t have much to lose. It may not offer all the same features of more expensive devices, but most people would agree it’s better than no shower at all! This could be perfect for a short camping trip but perhaps not an ideal choice for longer trips.

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Other Portable Showers to Consider

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Portable Shower

These portable showers all serve one main purpose – keeping you clean. But some are a little more user-friendly and durable than others.

Even though none of these showers are a huge investment, you still want to get the right one. The last thing you want is your portable shower breaking or running out of battery before you’ve been able to take your full shower.

You should also consider how you will set up your portable shower to give yourself privacy. This video demonstrates one popular set up:

Asking yourself the following questions will help you decide which portable shower will be best for you.

  • Will it be used for camping, or as part of your survivalist gear
  • How often do you go camping?
  • How many people will be using the shower?
  • How long is your camping trip?
  • Will you be using it in cold conditions?
  • Do you have a way to charge a rechargeable battery? (car, laptop..)
  • What is your budget?
  • What do you want to use it for besides showering?


Before setting out on your next camping trip or packing up your survivalist gear, you should take some time to think about whether you’re going to need a portable shower. If you agree you will need one, then consider what features will make your camping trip more enjoyable. For some, a basic unit is enough to keep them comfortable and happy. But others will be more comfortable with something that offers more features like USB charging or a stove for fast heating.

No matter how basic or advanced you want your portable shower to be, you should choose a quality product that is supported with positive reviews. There are a lot of low-quality camp showers on the market that can easily break.

The portable showers above were selected because they all have customer reviews confirming their ease of use, durability, and effectiveness.


All your gear in one place: The Best Bug Out Bags

Few things are more important to a survival enthusiast or serious prepper than a comfortable, reliable and intelligently packed Bug Out Bag. In the event of an emergency, this pack will be the first thing you reach for, and the amount of preparation and thought put into its contents could make all the difference in a challenging survival situation. Bug Out Bags go by a variety of names (our personal favorites are the INCH Bag – i.e. I’m Never Coming Home – and the GOOD Bag – Get Out Of Dodge), but their purpose is clear; this pack should contain everything you need to survive for (at least) 72 hours.

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There are a few factors that make a good Bug Out Bag stand apart from your run of the mill rucksack. The first is extreme durability. Although you’re packing for 72 hours, if you need to Bug Out then your Bug Out Bag is likely to be on your shoulders for a long time to come. You don’t want to have to worry about whether or not your bag can keep up with you. It needs to be well designed with a serious and sensible prepper in mind. A well-crafted Bug Out Bag will let you quickly access your essential survival tools when you need them. It will have numerous compartments (both hidden and obvious) providing you with a range of flexible storage options.

Finally, you want a Bug Out Bag that fits your size and needs; it doesn’t matter how well designed the bag is if it isn’t comfortable to wear while on the move. You probably already have a good idea about which survival essentials you’ll want to pack in your Bug Out Bag; the size, volume and specifications of these objects should also guide your decision making.

Below, I’ve listed a few of the best available Bug Out Bags on the market. Any of these would be a good choice for most preppers and survival enthusiasts.

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack


The 5.11 is one of the most popular Bug Out Bags on the market. Available in a range of muted colors and camouflage designs, the rugged and reliable bag provides ample space for the diligent prepper. The large front ‘shove it’ pocket lets you quickly store and retrieve big items, while the semi-rigid back support and range of adjustable straps mean you can comfortably shape the bag to your body. Each of the pockets and compartments has been designed with a purpose in mind, meaning this pack allows you to make efficient use of space.

One of the best things about the 5.11 is that it doesn’t look like a Bug Out Bag. This will help the wearer keep a low profile in the event of an emergency. This bag can take a lot of abuse and will never let you down: all in all a solid choice.

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Sandpiper of California Long Range Bugout Backpack


The Sandpiper is a cheaper alternative to the 5.11 Tactical Rush but still comes highly recommended. The first thing that you’ll notice is that this bag is huge! It’s well designed four principal components can fit upwards of 4,500 cubic inches. While this is impressive, remember that the first rule of Bug Out Bag preparation is to pack light, so think carefully before filling all that space.

The Sandpiper has a range of customization options for the wearer’s comfort. It rides well on your back; comfort is a key consideration when choosing a good Bug Out Bag and there are no complaints with the Sandpiper. One small complaint is that the zips are not as well made as those on the 5.11 Tactical Rush; they can become stuck or come apart with repeated use, although this doesn’t happen often. Regardless, this is a high-quality bag and an excellent choice for a prepper looking for a quality pack on a smaller budget.

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Condor 3 Day Assault Pack


The Condor brand is synonymous with quality, and this Bug Out Bag does not disappoint. The three-day Assault Pack is an affordable, customizable and heavy duty bag that all serious preppers and survival enthusiasts should consider. It has seven compartments and can accommodate more or less anything that you might care to put on your Bug Out list. Interestingly, each of the components has grommets for drainage, a feature that you wouldn’t normally expect to see on a cheaper Bug Out Bag. The shoulder straps are widely set and the foam back support is comfortable and goes some way to reducing sweating.

As with the Sandpiper, the Condor’s zips are not of the highest quality. The size of the bag means that it isn’t the best choice for users under 5’6. Otherwise, this is an excellent quality Bug Out Bag that comes highly recommended.

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Voodoo Tactical Mini Mojo Bug Out Bag Review


This is an absolute beast of a bag! It will fit everything you need to Bug Out and probably have space for enough supplies for three or four people. As such, this is an excellent choice for preppers with kids to consider; you could fit everything you need in this one huge Bug Out Bag. The huge main compartment is surrounded by 11 (!) outer and inner compartments, with extra webbing in the unlikely event that you run out of space.

The bag’s hard floor means that it won’t warp or sink in the middle; a real problem for preppers looking to use other duffel-style packs as a Bug Out Bag. The Voodoo also comes with comfortable shoulder straps, meaning you can wear it like a regular backpack.

The Voodoo isn’t cheap, and for a single prepper or survival enthusiast, there will be too much wasted space to justify the purchase. However, if you’re looking for a great Bug Out Bag for the family or if you have large items of equipment on your Bug Out list, this bag really can’t be beaten.

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Best Survival Water Filter

If water wasn’t so heavy and tough to lug around, we would all just carry an unlimited supply with us while camping. We don’t need to tell you how crucial water is for survival, and how terrifying it can be as your supply starts to dwindle while you’re out in the middle of nowhere. As the sun gets hotter, anxiety levels rise, but there is a type of product that’s been gaining more and more popularity lately.

A survival water filter can save your life, save you from dehydration, or at the very least it can give you a little more peace of mind when your water supply isn’t exactly where you’d like it to be. Now, first and foremost, before we even start talking about choosing the best survival water filter, it’s imperative that you bring enough water with you in the first place. But even if you think you are already doing that, it’s a good idea to have one of these water filter straws none the less.

There are more and more to choose from all the time, so we’ve narrowed it down to some of the absolute best choices. They’re all relatively affordable, when you consider the alternative options, so we’ve chosen these straws based on their quality, performance, and also taken reviews into consideration because if most people report a great experience with it, that counts for something.

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The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter


As far as something affordable goes, the LifeStraw is very reasonably priced, and great for what it is. It’s basically a thick straw, and it allows you to drink from water sources that you wouldn’t normally consider drinking from. You don’t need to boil the water first; you can drink it right out of the source.

LifeStraw is probably the most popular brand in this category, and perhaps the most accessible, but we’re going to be taking a look at some other options as well. For example, if you don’t mind spending more money, you can get some pretty neat survival filters. We’ll get to that in a moment. First, here’s a great variation on the LifeStraw, which is particularly useful if you’ll be needing to quench your thirst but won’t be able to stay near the water supply.

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The LifeStraw Go Water Bottle


It’s basically a water bottle with a LifeStraw inside. You can fill it up and take the water with you, without having to stay right at the source. This can be useful in survival situations, or just a slightly more practical option. Instead of bending down and sipping right from a lake, you can just fill up the bottle and filter it as you sip.

There’s a gap between the bottom of the filter and the bottom of the bottle, which allows any dirt or sediment to settle at the bottom of the water bottle, so it doesn’t gunk up your filter and shorten its lifespan. This bottle is great for hiking, camping, backpacking… Everybody that owns it and understands what it’s for seems to love it. Some complains have been a chemical-y taste, but that isn’t a universal experience and ringing it out and letting it soak for a bit before your first use should help a great deal.

However, a major downside is that you’re still limited by how much water you can fit in the bottle, especially with the larger filter taking up a lot of that space, and we prefer to have our water filtered before we’re ready to drink it, so it’s good to go right away. It just feels better to be carrying around a supple of already filtered water, rather than carrying around unfiltered water.

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Katadyn Pocket Water Filter


This is a very cool device that accomplishes a similar goal as the LifeStraw Go, but does it in a much slicker way. Instead of filling up a water bottle and filtering it as you sip, the Katadyn allows you to pump water from your water source, and filters it before it even gets inside of the bottle, so you could fill up multiple bottles at once.

Also, without a big straw inside your water bottle, you can carry more clean water. There’s just something appealing about being able to drink your already-filtered water normally, as opposed to having to suck it through a straw. Drinking through a LifeStraw is tougher than drinking through a normal straw, and sometimes when you’re thirsty enough you just want to chug it.

Now, it’s a bit more than triple the price, but when push comes to shove it’s worth it. If you want to bring two bottles worth of water with you using the LifeStraw Go, you’ll need to buy two of them. With the Katadyn, however, you can fill up as many bottles as you want. It is also rated for 13,000 gallons of effective water filtration.

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Addon: Survival Water Bags

If you opt for something like the Katadyn Vario, and don’t want to haul around extra water bottles, take a look at these water bags. They weight next to nothing and take up practically no space until you need to use them. They’re sterile, and you can filter water directly from your survival filter right into these bags.

Aquamira Frontier Water Filter


If you just want something cheap and simple, here you go. It’s similar to the original LifeStraw that we featured first, so cons include the fact that it’s basically “on-demand”. You filter the water directly from the source and drink it immediately, rather than being able to have clear water when you aren’t right next to whatever your water source may be.

As you can see, there are a few different styles. We prefer the Katadyn because it gives you a lot more options. You can fill up while you’re at a source, and then take the water with you, and you aren’t limited by the size of your single bottle. It costs more, but when it comes to clean water – that’s a price we’re more than willing to pay.

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Every Day Carry: The Best EDC Flashlight

It’s been a long, long time since humans discovered the ability to harness fire, which was our most primitive example of being able to control light. Well, guess what, we’ve come a long way since the first caveman pyromaniacs were setting the world on fire, and our ability to harness light has come a long way since then.

Lightbulbs, batteries, we’re living in a crazy world – can you imagine if the earliest versions of the human could see the types of things we have now? They would be blown away from a flashlight, let alone things like cellphones or spaceships. Despite all of the incredible leaps that humankind has taken, that doesn’t mean we’re living in some perfectly safe, fairytale world where nothing ever goes wrong. Far from it.

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Being Ready for Anything

We take a lot of these incredible achievements for granted. It only takes one bad storm to knock out the power grid and to stop it from reaching your home. All of a sudden your food is starting to spoil, you have no power to cook with, no heat, no air conditioning, wouldn’t it be nice to at least have light?

If you’re on the ball enough to have a high-quality EDC flashlight, chances are that you’ve also got a good stock pile of non-perishables, a backup generator, and a plan in place for the worst. A lot of people don’t, they’re simply not ready.

Having your own source of light that you can rely on, no matter what, can go a long way. It took the cavemen how many hundreds of thousands of years to discover fire? How long are you willing to wait for a light source in an emergency? The whole point is taking care of things yourself, so you don’t have to wait on anyone else to help you.

It’s crucially important to have a quality flashlight. Yes, you can buy little LED lights from the dollar store for a couple of bucks, but is that really what you want to be carrying around on a daily basis? You owe it to yourself, and to our caveman ancestors, to get something proper.

This buyer’s guide will highlight five unique models. Each and every one of these options could very well be the best EDC flashlight for you. They’re all great choices, so don’t worry about picking the wrong one.

We’ve used many criteria to help determine which flashlights deserve your attention and which ones are getting left out in the dark, for example:

  • Value
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Brightness
  • Quality
  • Features

Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight


This is a great EDC torch. It’s the most affordable option we’re going to be featuring today. You may gasp at some of the prices of the other ones we’re going to look at, but trust – they’re worth every penny. None the less, we wanted to include something very accessible so that nobody has to leave here empty handed.

Features: Various light modes including high, medium, low, SOS, strobe. Incredibly bright LED lights. Includes a holster and a light diffuser attachment. Much higher quality than the lower tier of flashlights, but entry-level as far as high-performance EDC torches are concerned. A great place to start, and an excellent light to keep around as a spare after you upgrade.

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SOG Dark Energy Flashlight DE-02


The Dark Energy by SOG is a bad flashlight, in a good way. The tactical style has a real mean attitude to it. It’s about twice as expensive as the previous model we looked at, but if you can afford it – it’s a solid step up, it’s worth the extra money. It doesn’t have as many options as some lights, but it does have a tactical strobe.

Features: Attached belt clip. Lightweight, small design. IPX-7 water resistance, Cool White Cree R5 led bulb.

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Surefire P2X Fury Dual Output LED 15/500 Lumen Black Flashlight


This is an intense and powerful torch, and it’s definitely one of the best flashlights for everyday carry. It’s not cheap, and you get exactly what you pay for and more. There’s a reason that it’s popular among security guards, special forces, and other people whose lives can come down to having the right gear.

Features: 1.5 hour run-time at 500-lumen setting, or 46 hours at 15 lumens. High-strength aerospace aluminum body. Meets military specs. Limited lifetime warranty.

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Fenix Flashlights FX-PD35TAC Flashlight


There’s really not a ton to know about a 1000 lumen flashlight other than the fact that it’s bright. Really, really bright. This one, in particular, is also super durable and has tons of super positive reviews. It’s a great choice, so definitely give it a second though if you’re still trying to decide, and you want a lot of power.

Features: Digitally regulated output keeps brightness consistent. Uses one 18650 rechargeable battery or 2x 3V CR123A. Tactical mode. Outdoor mode.

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Streamlight 88031 ProTac Tactical Flashlight


Over 5000 positive reviews, and hundreds of questions answered – this is one popular torch, and it’s no surprise. Speaking of no surprises, there are so many reviews and Q+A’s to read over, and you’ll know exactly, EXACTLY what to expect with this one. So, what can you expect? A darn great light for an even better price. It doesn’t get as bright as some of the other options on here, with a max of 260 lumens on high, and a minimum of 13 on low when you want to conserve your battery. The difference between the two settings is a range of 150m vs. 35m.

Features: Adjustable brightness. 50,000 hour lifetime on the C4 LED bulbs. Powered by two CR123A batteries which are included. High-durability, and many options to choose from to get exactly what you need.

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Our Favorite Portable Camping Toilets

We know that bears poop in the woods, but they’re not the only ones. Many hikers and campers may notice that their bowel movements are less frequent while they’re out on the trail, which is almost like your body realizing how uncomfortable it can be to do your business while camping, and doing you a favor by minimizing the frequency of your pit stops.

In reality, it probably has more to do with the types of foods you’re eating and the amount of excess calories that you’re burning, but none the less, when nature literally calls – will you be ready to answer?

Wild Earth Adventures offers some advice on how to do the deed on the trail, and how to bury it, and the whole nine yards. Without toilets or running water, you’ll need to get a little creative, and things can get a little messy. If you would rather spend more time hiking, camping, hunting, relaxing around the fire, and not having to dread your next defecation, there are some simple products that can make the whole ordeal a lot better. It’s never going to be a GREAT experience, let’s face it, but these portable toilets can certainly be a worthwhile investment.

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Choosing the best portable toilet for camping

You’ve got a lot of different options depending on how portable you’re looking for, how you wish to dispose of your waste, what your budget is, how much space you’ve got, and more. We’re going to cover the gamut, so no matter what you’re looking for – you’ll find a great option here.

Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet


This style of portable toilet is very straightforward. It’s basically a bucket with a toilet seat on the top. It’s great for outdoors, but also just to help you be prepared for any type of disaster. You can purchase bags to go inside of it, making clean-up a breeze.

It basically just gives you a basic, affordable seat to do your business instead of squatting or trying to balance against a tree or whatever, we won’t get too graphic. There are different sizes available of this general style. It’s not the most compact, it doesn’t fold up, it’s just a dead-simple bucket with a seat, but it does exactly what it’s supposed to do and it’s much better than the alternative of not having something like this.

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Camco 41541 Portable Toilet – 5.3 gallon


Similar idea to the bucket, except it has an actual tank that you’ll need to empty out instead of bags. So, it’s good if you want to bury your refuse, but not so good if you want to avoid any potential messy cleanup. If you have a place to throw out your bags, that’s probably the better option so skip this one and check out the next couple choices. If you don’t have a place to throw out your bags, you can empty this tank into a hole in the ground to bury your evidence.

This is more of a “premium” option, it’s obviously fancier than a bucket, but at the end of the day it all comes down to function, so choose the one that suits you best. It takes up a lot of space, which can be an issue.

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Folding Commode Chair Steel Portable Camping Toilet Seat


Here’s a seat that you can use, you’ll just need something underneath to catch your poop, or – as an alternative – you can dig a hole and place this seat right above it. It folds up, and serves as an alternative to catching your droppings and then having to dispose of it. Skipping the middle-man, if you will.

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Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet


Also similar to our famous bucket example that we first looked at, but it’s definitely a step up, and definitely worth the extra cost if you’re going this route. It’s got a toilet paper holder attached, which fits into the lid. It’s also more contoured and comfortable, and nicer looking than a plain old bucket (Not that that really matters…)

It includes a removable inner-bucket which makes it easier to dispose of your waste. You can also put a bag in here, which is strongly recommended.

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Add-on: Reliance Products Double Doodie Toilet Waste Bags

At a few bucks each, these bags are not cheap, but you’ll be glad you have them. They’re not at all like a typical garbage bag. There are two layers. The inner layer secures your waste, the outer layer provides extra protection and a way to carry it. They also contain a special powder to help keep things under control The last thing you want is for the bag to rip open, which is the main difference between these and regular bags – they’re stronger and they’re specifically designed for doodie! They seal up with an extra strong double-zip. You’ll need to bring enough bags to change them every day, or every two days at the longest. Seal them up, they won’t stick, and dispose of them when you return to civilization.
You shouldn’t be afraid to talk or ask questions about this sort of thing, it’s better to feel slight embarrassment for a few moments than to improperly leave your waste just off the trail for the next camper to accidentally step in – or worse! There are all sorts of issues that not properly disposing of your waste can cause, so make sure you’re doing it correctly. When you’ve got the best portable toilet, it’s just one less thing to worry about.

12 Survival Uses for Trash Bags

As a prepper and survivalist there are essentially an unlimited number of uses for trash bags. You truly are only limited by your own creativity. Trash bags are a staple in my bug-out bag and for good reason; they are portable, and cost effective. The standard 13 gallon trash bags you use in your kitchen will work fine. Ideally you want something like a contractor’s bag which won’t rip as easily for patching things like leaks or fashioning a raft.

Remember, these are just 25 of our favorite uses. There are tons more so get creative. trashbagcatchbasin

  1. Collecting Rainwater – Trash bags can make great catch-basins. Elevate one end at a 45 degree angle with branches and allow gravity to pull the rainwater into the basin or even bucket or thermos.
  2. Shelter – This is kind of a no brainer. Trash bags can make great tarps to prevent rain water from getting you and your supplies wet.
  3. Sleeping Bag – Provided you purchased contractor bags you can slip right in and keep yourself dry from the elements.
  4. Life Jacket – If you need to cross a river, blow up the bag half way and ensure it’s tightly closed. Then twist the middle so two separate chambers are created. Place on either side of your body to stay a-float.
  5. Poncho – Probably on every list and it’s because it works. Cut holes for your head and arms and you are good to go.
  6. Wash Your Clothes – Fill a trash bag with water and soap, throw in your clothes and shake around. Allow the soap and water to drain and then refill with water to rinse. Then simply air dry them on a clothes line, maybe even hung by another trash bag.
  7. Hot Shower – Fill a black trash bag with water and allow it to sit in the sun for a while. Once ready, poke holes in the trash bag and enjoy a warm shower.
  8. Prevent Hypothermia – Cut pieces to fit around your arms, legs, and torso. Tape the pieces so they are snug beneath your clothing to prevent body heat from escaping quickly.
  9. Rope – Cutting strips of the trash bag and then braiding them can result in quite a strong para-cord style rope. You might be surprised at just how strong the rope is.
  10. Toilet – Everybody goes! With the off chance that you have a bucket and maybe even some cat litter, you have a toilet on the go. Then again you really only need the bag to dispose of your waste.
  11. Tourniquet – Cut a piece of trash bag and wrap it around your wound and tie it off tightly to stop bleeding.
  12. Ice Pack – In a cold area? Grab your bag and throw some snow or ice in. This works great as a makeshift ice pack.

Again, these are only some of the small number of ways you can take an ordinary trash bag and apply it to a survival situation. Most of them are pretty standard, but others include transporting things like food and water (even trash), insulating your tents, pillow, ground cover, bandages…I think you get the idea.

Trash bags are lightweight, cost effective, and most importantly versatile. They are an absolute must in your bug-out bag and I strongly suggest adding them to your packs. Some important things to note and things you should be wary of:

  • Most trash bags and garbage bags are lined with chemicals to prevent smells and molding. Turning them inside out can help with this, but just be careful when using these for food and water. They may do more harm than good.
  • Thermal underwear, while a great idea, can cause you you to sweat which then  results in your clothes becoming very wet. Remember, stay dry, stay alive!
  • Trash bags come in all different sizes and colors. Black being the most common, but consider other options as well. A yellow bag is more reflective at night and can easily be seen by search teams. Clear might be a better option for a poncho where-as black absorbs sunlight making you sweaty and hot.

If you have a favorite use, feel free to leave a comment and let us know!