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FiveJoy Compact Military Folding Shovel Review

Incredibly well constructed and highly versatile, the Fivejoy folding shovel is a great addition to the backpack of any outdoor adventurer, camper, hiker, and even military personnel. While most multipurpose tools are bad at doing anything else other than their main objective, this folding shovel is excellent at doing a variety of tasks, in fact it can be used as a shovel, knife, hoe, axe, hammer, fire starter, and much more. It is designed from premium grade machined aluminum and high-carbon stainless steel, this multipurpose tool is sturdy, ergonomic, lightweight, and fail-safe.fivejoy multi purpose uses

The shovel actually consists of two main parts- the blade and the handle. The blade can be set into multiple angles in order to use the tool for different purposes. When the blade is fully aligned with the length of the handle, it is a shovel. When you rotate the blade 90 degrees, it becomes a hoe. When you angle it in, you can even use it like a hook since there is a seven-strand paracord attached to the back of the handle that allows you to throw the lightweight shovel at a tree branch or post. The blade is locked into position with a fail-proof rotating lock that keeps the blade firmly locked into whatever angle you choose.

The main blade is designed from high-carbon stainless steel and measures 4.5″ x 5.5″ in width and length, respectively. It has a nice, sharp point in the front and its sides are wedged and serrated. This allows you to strike the blade sideways and chop off small branches with a few hits. The serrated edges allow you cut roots, bark, food, and much more The bottom of the spade is broad and thicker than the rest of the blade, hence you can use it as a hammer to drive in nails and posts for your tents and hammocks while setting up camp in the woods.

The handle is made from aviation grade machined aluminum and has soft, textured grips on it to prevent your hands from straining. The handle can be taken apart into two segments, while the top section can be further divided into two more. On the bottom section of the handle, you will find a two-edged knife that is also made from high-carbon stainless steel, just like the main blade. One side of the knife is a plain sharp edge, while the other side is serrated and about 3″ long. The tip of the knife is not pointed, but shaped like a “V” so that you can pry open stuff. At the foot of the knife blade, you will also find a handy little bottle opener.

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When you unscrew the top section of the handle, there is a magnesium fire starter inside it If you take out the magnesium fire starter, there is even a little whistle inside. This can be really handy for sending out messages and signals over short distances, since the whistle provided inside the handle is very sharp and loud. The tip of the handle contains some spooled up 7-strand paracord for stringing up temporary shelters, and for using as a line when you want to make a hook out of the spade. There is even some space in the fire starter chamber to store a little bit of tinder.

This entire package is very ergonomically designed and weighs just 2.15 Lbs. It is 18.82″ long, and comes in a fabric bag that is very well stitched, especially around the edges where you can see that they have added double stitching. The bag seals up with Velcro and a snap latch system. There are even two little grommets to drain away the water inside the bag if you get it wet. The bag has a handy little shoulder strap, as well as a backpack strap. All in all, it is a very handy multipurpose tool that is extremely well constructed and is a great addition to the kit of amateur, as well as experienced campers, hikers, and survivalists.

Gerber E-Tool Shovel Review

The Gerber E-Tool is an important outdoor tool especially for military personnel; it can be used for digging, scooping and sawing through hard materials. It is multi-functional as it can also be used for various outdoor activities like hunting, camping, and other more tactical requirements.The spade can be carried very easily due to its collapsible design. It is made from excellent materials and can take a serious beating.

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All Gerber Products are Field Tested!



This device is constructed from a powdered alloy of carbon and boron. This construction is well formulated to ensure the spade suits heavy duty usage. Its strong glass-filled nylon handle makes gripping comfortable, easing its usage and maneuverability. The anodized shaft made of aluminum gives this stunning instrument more strength therefore enhances its lifespan.

Choosing a durable tool like this one from Gerber saves on the costs that could be incurred from buying new brands yearly. Additionally, the handle is of comfortable length, about 23.4 inches. This reduces energy expenditure, and less straining and leverage is required.

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Portability and Design

As outlined above, the Gerber E-Tool is constructed from aluminum and nylon. These materials are very light yet strong. The shovel weighs in at 2.7 pounds and measures 9.4 inches when folded. This makes the shovel very portable, and makes this spade perfect for outdoor activities. In hiking, camping, or even survival situations where weight must be kept to a minimum to reduce energy consumption.


On its blade, one side is serrated. This feature makes the spade a powerful tool for chopping tough bush or timber for your fire. The serrated edge can be used to saw various grass, undergrowth, or even rope. It can also be used to crack ice and stubborn dirt.

Locking Mechanism

Any time you open the spade, the lock system that is incorporated into the design will keep it in place. This ensures maximum stability when digging. Furthermore, this protects the user since high pressure is applied in shoveling. It is very easy to secure simply by turning the ridged knob that surrounds the shaft.

Every tool has strengths and weaknesses. Lets look at a couple of those now:

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  • Lightweight
  • Incorporated locking mechanism
  • Strong, durable materials
  • Multi-purpose
  • Compact design for easy storage


  • Assembly a bit difficult for some users
  • Aluminum instead of steel shaft

Some prefer steel versus aluminum but bear in mind the weight is reduced as a result of improving portability.


The above video features 10 great uses for the Gerber E-tool, some we didn’t even think of during our own testing.

Pagreberya Multi Tool Shovel Review

The Pagreberya multi tool shovel can do many things- it can serve as a regular heavy duty shovel, it can be used as an axe, it can even be used as a hoe and a hammer. But the best part about it is the amount of machining and precision that went into designing it parts. This particular shovel is similar to many other multipurpose shovels on the market, but what sets it apart is the fact that it is built heavier and stronger than most of its competition. Also, it is longer than most multi tool shovels at nearly 26″. This means that you can use it without having to apply as much leverage as you would with the smaller multipurpose shovels that only measure about 16-18″ in length.

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The Pagreberya Multi-Tool Features 30 Functions!


The Pagreberya has a tough, high-carbon shovel blade at the end of the handle, which can be rotated to set it up along different angles. There is a locking collar to hold the blade in place once you have rotated it When flat, it can be used as a shovel to dig up dig up holes and ditches in the ground. When you lock it in a perpendicular position, the shovel is transformed into a hoe that can be used to dig up earth and debris. When the blade is brought closer to the handle and is held at a sharp angle, it becomes a hook that you can throw over branches or poles. The bottom end of the handle is heavy and is made from stainless steel. This allows you to use the bottom as a hammer or for breaking windows and glass in case of an emergency or road accident. One side of the shovel blade is serrated and can be used to cut small branches, tree bark, and food. The whole outer lining of the main blade is extremely sharp and is shaped like a wedge, meaning that you can use the shovel as an axe if you strike it sideways on a log or branch. There are two wrench cutouts on the base of the shovel blade, and you will find the markings for a metric ruler on the serrated side.

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Here are some of the possible uses of the Pagreberya:


A shovel, hammer, slice, chop, saw, axe, ruler, blade, hex wrench, whistle, spear, etc.

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The whole handle of this shovel is composed of three sections, and each of the sections is connected to the other by screw threads and the connection is made watertight by 0-rings. The G1 pipe is the section that is attached to the shovel blade and it contains no accessories, instead its purpose is to act as a base for the blade. The G2 pipe is equipped with a high-carbon stainless steel knife. This knife is about 3″ long, and has a serrated edge on one side, and a plain edge on the other.

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pagreberya functions

The base of the knife is cut into a bottle opener, while the top is shaped into a “V” notch that can be used to pry open cans. The G3 pipe is placed above the G2 section, and houses a magnesium fire starter, a screwdriver, and a very loud metal whistle. There are holes on either side of the bottom to run a paracord through the base, and the tip is extremely hard and heavily built.

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To sum it up, this is an extremely versatile tool that can be used for survival, self-defense, rescue operations, and much more It is a great addition to every person’s own “bug-out” kit, and is an inexpensive substitute to carrying a dozen separate dedicated tools. And, it comes in a really nice looking camouflage carry bag with a shoulder strap on it Whether you are a hiker, mountain climber, survivalist, or adventurist, this is definitely a tool that you should consider carrying with you on your expeditions.



Maxpedition is a company based in California, which has been producing Military Specification nylon gear for almost fifteen years. They are committed to self-improvement and optimization of their product, which is obvious from their products they have created so far. They use only the materials of the highest quality, as well as the high-class craftsmanship. Since 2003, Maxpedition has been working on expanding their offer, so nowadays they produce a wide variety of products. In addition to bags and packs, they also offer a variety of pouches, pockets, traveling essentials and accessories, CCW bags, as well as a range of morale patches that can be added to your bag, backpack or even jacket.

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All of the products created at Maxpedition are high-quality and durable, and some of their offer is as follows:


Backpacks – Maxpedition backpacks are created so that they fit, and even exceed military standards of durability and quality. In addition to high quality and waterproof materials they are made of, strong zippers you can choose between several types in a variety of colors and sizes – there are folding, double-strap and single-strap backpacks.

Belt packs – belt packs are also produced out of sturdy, waterproof materials and enriched with high quality zippers or Velcro, depending on the model. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and they can be used for a variety of purpose and carrying all sorts of items.

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Gear bags – Maxpedition also provides a variety of gear bags for all purposes. Just like the rest of the products, they are also made of water and abrasion resistant nylon, covered with additional Teflon protection and equipped with high-quality zippers, Velcro and buckles. They are practical and allow good organization of the equipment, so they are ideal for the cameramen, photographers and all the people who have a lot of parts of the equipment to carry around.

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Gun cases – since Maxpedition produces the bags and cases that exceed the military quality, these company’s gun cases are the best choice for carrying your weapon, If you are a devoted hunter, you will certainly find a model for any gun or guns you may have, and you can be sure that it will be safe and undamaged if you carry if in a Maxpedition gun case.

Duffel bags – duffel bags are made for the adventure lovers and they are ideal for the outdoor activities. All of the models are equipped with water and abrasion resistant fabric, additionally protected with Teflon – which provides not only more resistance, but easier maintenance as well.

Briefcases – if you do want to have a non-standard and non-formal briefcase, Maxpedition is the right choice. Again, their briefcases come in a variety of shapes and sizes; there are also several different models and several colors to choose from. Due to the waterproof material they are made of, you can be sure that any important documents or electronics you carry inside will be safe and well protected.

Laptop, iPad and tablet bags – Maxpeditionprovides plenty of models of bags and cases for protecting and carrying your laptop or iPad/tablet. There are shoulder bags and backpacks for carrying a laptop, as well as cases and small shoulder bags for safely carrying a tablet or an iPad.

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All types of pouches and wallets – Maxpedition produces firm and durable pouches you can carry on your belt, and where you can safely keep any valuables such as your phone, compact camera or money. If you prefer carrying money in a wallet, there are several models to choose from, and they are not only durable and high quality, but also very stylish.


Ka-Bar Becker BK-2

Choosing a knife for outdoor activities is not simple, and every experienced outdoorsman knows that it is usually necessary to have a set of different knives intended for different outdoor tasks. Smaller knives are usually intended for lighter tasks, usually related to fishing, camping and hunting, while bigger and heavier knives are used for more demanding tasks, such as cutting tree branches or even chopping smaller pieces of wood. What characterizes Ka-Bar Becker BK-2 is that it is a knife we can say is “in the middle”. It is not as small as traditional small outdoor knives, yet it is not bulky and large as those intended for heavy tasks.

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The first thing to be noticed about the knife is its design. It is well-designed and simple-looking, with total length of 10.5inches, out of which 5.5 inches is the length of the blade. When you pick up the knife, the first thing you will notice is its weight. Since it is designed to be somewhere between the small and the large outdoor knives, it is noticeably heavier than the other knives of the same or similar size. The handle of Ka-Bar Becker BK-2 is not only beautifully designed, but it is also ergonomically shaped, so it sits perfectly in hand and enables you to operate the knife with ease, safety and comfort. It is made of Grivory, which is the main resentment the users have about this knife.

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However, this material is the ideal choice for a knife like this, because it makes the handle lightweight, yet very durable and tough. Other than ergonomic design, there are no any sharp edges on the handle, which makes it even more comfortable for handling and operating. All the hardware is deep inside the handle, which adds to the knife’s durability.


ka-bar-bk2_03-1024x664When it comes to the blade, it is ¼-inch thick, durable and sturdy. It is made of 1095 high-carbon steel, and has a powdercoating which is heavily textured. Even though the knife is well-designed and looks as beautiful as a knife canlook, do not let the looks fool you – the blade of this knife can perform a variety of tasks and it can endure more extreme conditions than other knives of the same category. Despite its size, it can be used for splitting wood, and you can even use it to collect a stack of wood for a campfire. On the other hand, you can also use it to make wood shavings you need for starting the fire.

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Other than preparing wood for the fire, you can also use this knife for all sorts of food preparation, no matter if you have done the hunting yourself or you need to open a can of food.

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In addition to cutting, chopping and carving, this knife can be used for another type of activities. It has a large pommel which can be used for hammering or for crushing things. In addition to the handle and blade unusually sturdy and tough for the knife of this category, Ka-Bar Becker BK-2 also comes with a sheath made of plastic and nylon. It is simple in design, very lightweight, and just like the knife – it is very sturdy as well. When you place the knife inside the sheath, there is no rattling, the sheath fits perfectly and you do not need to worry that the knife will fall out of the sheath. Additionally, there is a drain hole on the sheath to keep the knife dry.

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To sum up, if you are looking for a knife that can cover most of your needs as an outdoors man, then Ka-Bar Becker BK-2 is the right choice for you.


Atax Knife

If you are a person who enjoys outdoor activities such as camping or going on various expeditions, you know the importance of the right gear and the tools that can help you survive in nature. Not to mention the situation when, due to a misfortunate event, you find yourself in need of surviving in nature on your own. In situations like this, a proper piece of equipment can be of utmost importance and provide you with great help.

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In case you intend to get yourself the most useful piece of survival gear you can imagine, you should definitely get Atax Knife.


Atax is not only a knife, it is much more. It can be used as an axe, a wire cutter, range finder, compass, inclinometer, hammer and much more.  If you could have only one piece of equipment with you in the event of surviving outdoors, Atax would be the best choice you could make.

Despite being a multi-purpose and multi-functional piece of survival gear, Atax is only 5.5” long and 4.5” wide. It has a ¼” thick blade, made of 1095 tool Steel. In addition to being compact in size, it is also very lightweight for such a useful and versatile tool, and it weighs only one pound.

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Here are some of the possible uses of the Atax Knife:


An axe– this is one of the primary uses of this tool. It can easily be added a handle in order to deal with chopping wood or even with heavy animal limbs.

A knife – since Atax is a form of a knife, its blade can be used for various kinds of cutting. It is also useful as a skinning tool, because it is designed so that it prevents puncturing the skin while working through the tissue.

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A hammer, a wrench and a wire cutter– the back side of the Atax knife can be used as a hammer, no matter if you need to pound nails or break nuts. In case you do not need to pound nails but you want to remove them, Atax is also equipped with a wrench you can use for this purpose. Just below the hammer there is a wire cutter – which you can use for cutting all sorts of fences and even barbed wire.


A compass and a clock– the Atax is equipped with several graphics, one of which can help you determine the time of day or the direction. You will need a twig and the sunlight to determine the time of day, because it works on the principle of the solar clock, while adding a drop of water will help you determine the direction as well.

A rangefinder – one of the graphics on the Atax knife is used for range finding, which is especially useful for hunters or hikers.

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Looking through the viewer and reading the range will tell you about the distance between you and the observed object.


Tops-Atax-Multi-Use-ToolIt can also be used as the assistance for bow hunting. You can launch the arrows through the rangefinder, but you can also attach a sling shot rubber to the Atax and use it for launching arrows.

An inclinometer – Atax is equipped with an inclinometer, which can help you estimate any danger from avalanche or even approximately determine your latitude.

A survival kit holder – under the Atax’s grip, there is a small compartment you can reach when you unscrew the grip.

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In summary, the Atax Knife is the most versatile survival tool on the market, and no matter if you need it for the outdoor activities, long expeditions or even as a help around the house – it is definitely a piece of equipment you must have.


Katadyn Pocket Water Filter Review

katadyn pocket filter review

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Even people who live in modern, first world countries are aware of the fact that providing clean and drinkable water is a huge problem in many parts of the world. With pollution, natural catastrophes and lack of care for the Earth, this is slowly becoming a problem even in developed societies.

The Katadyn Pocket Water Filter can resolve a number of drinkable water supply issues, and one of its advantages is definitely that it is applicable to outdoor activities such as camping, trekking, hiking and other activities that require spending time in nature where you are far from clear water sources, as well as in situations when people need to survive in nature due to the unpredictable circumstances.

The Katadyn Pocket Filter works as a water filtration system, and it is able to filter particles up to 0.2 nanometers. It is intended to remove all parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungi from water, without using chemicals, boiling, UV power – or anything other than their filtration system.

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Knowing that the smallest known virus in the world is 25 nanometers and the Katadyn is able to filter particles up to 0.2 microns, we can say that the bar is set high for the water filtration system and technology.

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The Katadyn filtration system is rated for up to 13,000 Gallons of water. Meaning it is long lasting and guaranteed to filter harmful protozoa and other bacteria. The Katadyn water filter is the ONLY water filter to have a 20 year warranty.


The bottle holds 750 ml of water at a time, and there are two models: LifeSaver 4000 and LifeSaver 6000. The difference between the two is that the first one gives you 4000 liters of clan water before the filter needs to be replaced, while the second one gives you as much as 6000 liters. This makes the LifeSaver Bottle ideal for long expeditions and for unpredictable situations that require survival in nature.

LifeSaver Bottle is very simple to use. First, you need to unscrew the base of the bottle and dip it into the water source, such as stream, river, lake or even a puddle. After this, replace the cap and pump the piston on the bottle several times in order for the water to pass through the filter. After doing this, you will have clean water which is safe to be consumed. When the filter is near the end of its usability, there will be more pumps needed to filter the water. When the water stops flowing through the system, it is time for changing the filter. This is a mechanism created on purpose, in order to prevent the users from drinking water that has not been filtrated.

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Since LifeSaver Bottle holds 750 ml of water, it means that it is not too big for being carried during outdoor expeditions. It can be stored in a backpack or attached onto it, or you can carry it in the side pocket of the backpack. Having a bottle like this during expeditions or in survival situations is much more practical than carrying water supplies in usual bottles, because it is not only lighter, but it also provides you with security that you will not use up the water supply any time soon.

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Mountainsmith Morrison 2

Choosing a tent is not any easy task, no matter if you are an experienced camper, or you are just entering the world of connecting with nature and sleeping outdoors. If you are a beginner in camping, or if you are more experienced but simply want a multi-purpose tent you will be able to bring to almost any terrain, we recommend Mountainsmith Morrison 2. It is created by Mountainsmith, a well-known manufacturer of outdoor and camping equipment with long tradition of manufacturing high-quality products. This is a well-designed and very comfortable tent, intended for two people and ideal for camping, backpacking trips, motorcycle tours, paddling trips and much more.

When it comes to the outer design of the tent, which is the first thing to be noticed, it is well-though, simple and good-looking. It is made in combination of light green and grey, which makes it quite stealthy on several different types of terrains you can use for camping. It is a free-standing tent with four corners, and very easy to be set up. It comes with two doors, which can be zipped-off almost entirely and provide you with fresh air and the view. On the other hand, if you need some additional warmth and less ventilation, there is an option of zipping up the nylon panel on the door.

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 The size of the tent is 92″x56″, which makes it spacious enough for two people. It is 43 inches high at peak, which allows plenty of head room for a tent. The tent comes with several pockets on the inside, intended for storing smaller items. The inner design is quite unusual, since the pockets on either side of the tent are placed on the opposite sides to each other. Also, the zippers on the doors open on different sides from one another. It is most probably intended for the campers who want to sleep in head-to-toe position, and it is ideal for this kind of sleeping arrangement.

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Setting up Mountainsmith Morrison 2 tent is very easy and suitable even for camping beginners. It is designed to have two poles with two master hooks on the top, and the poles are color-coded which makes the set-up even easier. There are also cord adjusters on the tent, which make it easier to tighten everything down for the final set-up.

The weather resistance of this tent is quite high, considering the materials used for making the tent’s floor and walls. The tent withstands the moisture very well, so it is suitable to be used when it is raining, or in case the ground is wet due to previous rainy weather. Since the tent has nylon panel on the doors that can be zipped up, it is also possible to withstand the wind and the cold weather, since it keeps the warmth and does not let the cold inside. Also, the nylon panel helps minimizing splash in cased of heavy rain.

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 tent is made of thick and durable polyurethane material, which makes it a bit heavy, but it provides high durability. Naturally, in order to maintain its durability and extend its life span, it needs to be properly dried out and stored, just like any other tent.

GG11_MountainSmith_Morrison_445x260Another great advantage of this tent is its price-value ratio. For the price of around $180, you will get a durable tent that has a lot of great features and which can be used in different weather conditions and temperatures. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality and multi-purpose tent, which is also affordable, we strongly recommend buying Mountainsmith Morrison, because it can meet most of the campers’ needs.