Ever wondered about the story behind My Patriot Supply, one of the leading emergency food suppliers? Born from a clear mission, this company has a fascinating history. It's not just any ordinary online store. Nope, it's a haven for those seeking an extensive range of products geared towards survival and preparedness, including pantry staples and meal kits. It stands out among other emergency food companies with its vast selection of supplies.

This review is your golden ticket to understanding what pantry staples they offer. From kits verified as a purchase for emergencies to food supplies that last, we've got it all covered! Expect a helpful report that cuts through the noise and gets straight to the facts. So strap in, folks! We're diving deep into this My Patriot Supply review – no fluff, no filler, just pure unadulterated info!

Taste and Nutritional Value Analysis

Flavor Exploration

Let's dive right into the taste profiles of different meal options from emergency food suppliers, like a typical My Patriot Supply package. Many are pleasantly surprised by the flavor quality and servings size. The orange energy drink is tangy and refreshing, while the pantry staples like oatmeal and black bean soup are hearty with a good kick.

  • Black Bean Soup: Hearty, spicy
  • Orange Energy Drink: Tangy, refreshing
  • Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice: Comforting, savory

Nutrition Breakdown

Now let's discuss nutrition and food options. Each meal option provides an impressive serving of calories and protein in just minutes to keep you energized throughout the day. Here's a quick look at some nutritional stats, including the ingredients used.

Meal OptionCaloriesProtein
Black Bean Soup21013g
Orange Energy Drink900g
Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice2707g

These numbers make it clear that My Patriot Supply doesn't skimp on nutrition, servings, meal kits, ingredients, or oatmeal.

Comparison with Industry Standards

Compared to industry standards for emergency food supplies, My Patriot Supply holds its own. It offers a variety of meal options that not only taste great but also provide essential nutrients. Each pack includes multiple servings and easy-to-cook ingredients. This helpful report further elaborates on their offerings.

Consider this – most emergency food supplies like meal kits focus solely on calories. But what about sugar? Protein? Fiber? These are equally important in a survival situation where every bit of energy counts. This is where Patriot Pantry comes in, offering servings that are easy to cook and packed with nutrition.

My Patriot Supply goes above and beyond by providing meals rich in protein and fiber while keeping sugar levels low. This ensures you're getting balanced nutrition instead of just empty calories. Each cook prepares one or more servings, as highlighted in our helpful report.

For example, one can cook their black bean soup, which has more protein than many other emergency food options out there. This helpful report shows that people find it has less sugar than your average sports drink, like their orange energy drink!

Plus, they offer water filtration products too! Clean water is crucial in emergencies, making this a helpful report for anyone needing to cook. This addition shows how much they care about their customers' health and safety, demonstrating their commitment to being the one to rely on.

In terms of price and cook experience, they're pretty competitive too. You get high-quality meals without breaking the bank – now that's value for money! Feel free to leave comments or reach out in case of an emergency.


Exploring Shelf-Life and Meal Components

Longevity and Preservation Methods

My Patriot Supply, with its impressive experience in the realm of emergency food kits, has made a name for itself. One standout aspect, often mentioned in comments, is their impressive shelf life. These meals, even those with sugar, boast a 25-year shelf life, which is no small feat. How do they achieve this? Through meticulous preservation methods.

Each one of our meal kits is packed in airtight Mylar pouches, ensuring longevity by protecting against oxygen and moisture – two main culprits that lead to food spoilage. This makes them an ideal choice for long-term storage or disaster preparedness, offering a reliable emergency food solution. With the experience of creating meal kits, we also ensure the right amount of sugar in each kit.

Ingredients Breakdown

Now let's dig into what's actually inside these one-of-a-kind meal kits. The ingredients found in selected meals are diverse and nutritious, with options to cater to different dietary needs, including emergency sugar needs. Don't forget to drop your comments on this post.

  • Meat Options: Various servings of chicken-flavored protein or beef.
  • Breakfast Choices: From buttermilk pancakes to multigrain cereal.
  • Rice Varieties: Creamy chicken flavored rice or cheesy broccoli rice.
  • Pasta Selections: Elbow macaroni or creamy pasta with chicken.

The company prides itself on providing high-quality ingredients free from harmful preservatives and additives, even in an emergency. They're pantry staples that you'd be happy to have on your shelf. Feel free to leave comments on your experience.

Variety in Meal Components

Variety isn't just the spice of life; it's also crucial in an emergency. My Patriot Supply offers a wide range of meal components, and we welcome your comments.

  1. Protein Packs: Different types of meat or vegetarian protein options.
  2. Carb Sources: Options like oatmeal, pasta, or rice provide essential energy.
  3. Fruit & Veg Servings: Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables retain nutrients while adding variety.
  4. Dairy Products: Powdered milk or cheese can add comfort to crisis situations.

These varied contents mean there’s something for everyone in these emergency food kits – even those with dietary restrictions can find suitable meals within.

My Patriot Supply vs Mountain House Comparison

Product Offerings

Let's dive right into the meat and potatoes of this emergency supplies comparison, shall we? Both My Patriot Supply and Mountain House bring a lot to the emergency preparedness table.

My Patriot Supply boasts a wide range of products that cater to every survivalist's needs. They've got everything from long-term food storage kits, water filtration systems, to emergency supplies.

On the other hand, Mountain House primarily focuses on outdoor adventure and emergency foods. They offer freeze-dried meals that are easy to prepare in an emergency – just add hot water! They've also got pouches designed for hiking, camping trips, or emergency situations.

Pricing and Quality

Both brands have different impacts. My Patriot Supply can seem pricier initially but remember their products are meant for long-term use. On a per meal basis, you might find it more cost-effective.

Mountain House meals come at a lower price point but don't forget these are single-use items.

Quality-wise, both brands hold their own pretty well. Customers rave about the taste and variety of My Patriot Supply's food kits while Mountain House gets thumbs up for their delicious freeze-dried meals.

Customer Reviews

Who better to trust than fellow consumers right? Most reviews lean towards positive for both brands with minor hiccups here and there.

My Patriot Supply users appreciate the shelf life of their products while Mountain House customers love the convenience and taste of their offerings.

Unique Selling Points

What sets them apart from each other?

  • My Patriot Supply: Their focus is on survivalism which means they offer more than just food items. You can find almost anything needed for an emergency situation here.
  • Mountain House: Their niche is in providing tasty meals for outdoor enthusiasts who need lightweight yet nutritious options on-the-go.

In essence, choosing between My Patriot Supply and Mountain House boils down to your specific needs – Are you prepping for potential disasters or planning your next hiking trip?

So there you have it! A straight-up comparison between two popular brands in the survivalist world. Now you're armed with enough info to make an informed decision!

Investigating Cost-Effectiveness of My Patriot Supply

Detailed Breakdown

Let's get down to brass tacks. When you buy emergency preparedness supplies from My Patriot Supply, what are you really paying for? Let's take a closer look.

  • A 72-hour kit costs around $25. That's roughly $8.33 per day, or about $2.78 per meal if you're eating three meals a day.
  • If you're planning on the long haul and decide to purchase their 1-year supply, that comes in at approximately $2,300. Crunching the numbers, it works out to a little over $6 per day or about $2 per meal.

Market Comparison

Sure, these prices might seem steep at first glance but let's put things into perspective by comparing them with average market prices for similar products/services.

  • A competitor’s 72-hour kit can cost upwards of $40 – quite a bit more expensive than My Patriot Supply.
  • For a year-long stash from other suppliers? You could be looking at shelling out anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000!

Value-for-Money Assessment

Alrighty then! Now that we've got some figures on hand, let’s weigh in on the value-for-money aspect based on quantity, quality and shelf-life of the products.


  • The 72-hour kit provides 16 servings – pretty decent given the price point.
  • The 1-year supply offers an impressive 2,000+ servings – talk about being prepared!

Quality? Top-notch! Reviews rave about the taste and variety of meals available – not just beans and rice like some competitors offer.

Shelf-life is where My Patriot Supply really shines:

  • Their food kits boast an astounding 25-year shelf life!

Customer Experiences with My Patriot Supply

Service Quality: A Closer Look

Customers' experiences with the patriot supply company seem to tell a consistent story. The majority of people who made a verified purchase from this company have expressed satisfaction with their experience, praising the customer service and product quality.

  • “I had an issue with my order and sent an email to customer service. They responded quickly and resolved my problem without any hassle.”
  • “My order arrived on time and in perfect condition. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.”

However, like any other companies, there are also some customers who didn't have the best experience.

  • “I had a problem with my order but it took several days for someone from the company to respond to my email.”
  • “The product I received was not as described on the website.”

Common Praises & Complaints

Customers commonly praise the patriot supply for its:

  1. Prompt delivery
  2. High-quality products
  3. Excellent customer service

On the flip side, common complaints include:

  1. Delayed response from customer service
  2. Discrepancies between product description and actual item received

These points reflect that while many customers have positive experiences, there's still room for improvement.

Handling Negative Feedback

The way a company handles negative feedback can be telling of its values and commitment towards customer satisfaction. In examining BBB business profiles, we find that My Patriot Supply takes an active approach in addressing issues raised by customers.

For instance, one person reported receiving a damaged item but after reaching out to customer service via email, they were promptly sent a replacement at no additional cost.

In another case where a customer experienced delayed shipping times due to high demand, My Patriot Supply reached out personally to apologize and offer compensation for the inconvenience caused.

This shows that despite occasional hiccups in their services or products, My Patriot Supply is dedicated to making things right for their customers – which is always a good sign!

To wrap up our review of customer experiences with My Patriot Supply– it’s clear that while they excel in many areas such as prompt delivery and high-quality products, there are aspects they could improve on like quicker response times and ensuring product descriptions match what’s delivered.

Cooking Guide for My Patriot Supply Meals

Preparing Your Meal

  1. Select your meal from the patriot pantry. Their range includes a variety of options, but for this guide, we'll use the potato soup as an example.
  2. Open the package and remove the oxygen absorber before cooking.
  3. Pour the contents into a pot.
  4. Add boiling water to the pot, following the instructions given on the package for quantity.

The cook time varies depending on the meal chosen but expect it to be ready in about 15-20 minutes.

Optimizing Taste and Nutritional Value

While emergency food suppliers like My Patriot Supply focus on long shelf-life and nutritional content, they also understand that taste is important. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid overcooking: Overcooking can lead to loss of nutrients and flavor. Stick to recommended cook times.
  • Use clean water: The quality of water used can affect both taste and healthiness of your meal.
  • Season wisely: While these meals come pre-seasoned, feel free to add spices or herbs if you like.

Enhancing Your Meal

Even though emergency food companies strive to provide balanced meals, there's always room for customization based on personal preference or dietary needs:

  • Add Protein: Toss in some canned chicken or beans for extra protein.
  • Include Veggies: If available, fresh vegetables can add crunch and additional nutrients.
  • Experiment with cooking methods: Try using a slow cooker instead of boiling water in a pot.

Remember, your emergency kit should be versatile enough to handle different cooking scenarios.

So there you have it! A simple guide to help you get started with your My Patriot Supply meals. Whether it's potato soup today or another option tomorrow – each meal is designed for ease-of-use while ensuring you stay nourished during emergencies. Enjoy experimenting with flavors and making each dish uniquely yours!

Conclusive Thoughts on My Patriot Supply

In a nutshell, My Patriot Supply is a game-changer in the survival food market. Its meals don't just tick the box for taste and nutritional value, but they also boast an impressive shelf-life. Compared to Mountain House, it stands tall in terms of cost-effectiveness and meal variety.

Customers rave about their experiences with My Patriot Supply – from the ease of cooking their meals to the excellent customer service. The company's commitment to quality and affordability shines through in its products.

So, if you're looking for reliable, tasty, long-lasting survival food that won't break the bank, look no further. It's time to make your move and stock up with My Patriot Supply.


What makes My Patriot Supply stand out?

My Patriot Supply offers high-quality survival food at affordable prices. Their meals are not only tasty but also rich in nutrients and have a long shelf-life.

How does the taste of My Patriot Supply compare to other brands?

While taste can be subjective, many customers have praised the taste of My Patriot Supply's meals compared to other brands like Mountain House.

Is My Patriot Supply cost-effective?

Yes! When comparing cost per serving, My Patriot Supply often comes out ahead of competitors like Mountain House.

What is the shelf-life of My Patriot Supply meals?

Most meals from My Patriot Supply have an impressive 25-year shelf life when unopened and stored correctly.

Are there any guides available for cooking these meals?

Yes! Every order includes easy-to-follow cooking instructions so even beginners can whip up these nutritious meals.